Tamika Dunning

All I Am

by Tamika Dunning

Released 2013
MGE Records
Released 2013
MGE Records
An authentic, beautifully performed and composed classic, sultry, R&B and Pop masterpiece.
Tamika Dunning’s, All I Am, is a remarkable triumph of artistic brilliance. All I Am won Indie International Music and Entertainment Association's R&B/Soul Album of the Year in 2014. Tamika’s sultry voice takes you on an epic journey through childhood, friendship, family, love and loss. Every sense you have will be aroused and seduced by an authentic voice that takes you to a time when music was lyrically rich and the vocals were complex and the instruments masterful and real. No synthesized music here; but live instruments hewned by the creative hands of geniuses and craftsmen whose love for music glares through like sunshine and pierces your soul.

You will love this album if you have breath in you.

Tamika’s unique style will captivate those who are alive and who have ever loved or triumphed or lost. It’s for the every person. A truly rare artistic masterpiece.

From the jazz hit Just the Two and the beautiful R&B soul hits, Paper Chase and Obsession, classic sounds of I Found You, and the pop dance hits of Me and You Against the World and Back To Me, to the country soul wonders of Family and That’s the Way Life Goes you will be taken on a journey that moves your soul. Why and the other songs on this album will leave you asking for more.

There are 12 hits on this album. Enjoy this wonderful achievement.
Cheers to Tamika!